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Climbing Reinvented

Step by Step process

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Before or upon arrival

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your booking time (30 minutes before for birthday parties).

Sign your waiver form (save time and do it online)

Get ready


Safety Briefing

Every hour, on the hour, we begin a 15 minute harnessing and training session.

Guests are harnessed by a trained staff member and will be shown the “Clip-in & Clip-Out,” technique along with a review of our safety rules.



Climbers will have a full hour’s worth of climbing time. Which is plenty of time, even for the experienced climber.

Instructors monitor the climbing zone providing advice and encouragement on how to complete our over 70 challenges as well as to ensure safe climbing at all times.

Children under the age of 9 require active adult supervision in the climbing space by either a parent or guardian. We recommend at least one adult for three children under 9.


Hungry for more?

If you need an excuse to come back, we’ve got you covered :