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Birthday Party

For their birthday, don’t let your kids and their friends bounce off the walls of your living room. Come to Clip ‘n Climb Vancouver where they can climb our walls instead. A birthday party at Clip ‘n Climb is a safe and fun way to try different challenges that everyone will talk about for weeks to come.

Party room(s), cake, candy bags and drinks are optional to build your own perfect party and to fit within your budget.


+ tax

for climbers aged 5 and under

10% Discount for groups of 10 or more climbers


+ tax

for climbers aged 6 and over

10% Discount for groups of 10 or more climbers

Standard birthday party includes:

  • 15 minutes of harnessing and training session
  • 1 full hour access to the climbing zone.
  • Free VIP pass for both our Super Challenges for the birthday party host
  • Invites
  • Certificates of Achievement

Party Room Options:

Party rooms are available for 45 minutes after the booked climbing session. Additional 45 minutes can be booked for half the price of the room.

  • Mezzanine 1 (up to 15 guests) $35 + tax
    Private party room, located upstairs and closest to the balcony overlooking the climbing zone. Seperated from Mezzanine 2 by a dividing wall.
  • Mezzanine 2 (up to 15 guests) $35 + tax
    Private party room, located upstairs and closest to the stairwell. Seperated from Mezzanine 1 by a dividing wall.
  • Grand Mezzanine (up to 30 guests) $70 + tax
    Located upstairs and is a combination of Mezzanine 1 and Mezzanine 2
  • Reception Room (up to 15 guests) $35 + tax
    Semi-private party room located on the ground floor with an open wall towards the climbing space.

All party rooms include compostable plates, napkins and cutlery as well as recyclable cups.

Food & Drink options:

Cake options

  • Triple Chocolate (chocolate cake, dark chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream)
  • Red Velvet (buttermilk cake with a hint of cocoa, paired with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting and filled with a cookie crunch)
  • Funfetti (layers of rainbow sprinkled cake filled with vanilla pastry cream, cookie crunchand vanilla buttercream)

6″ Cake – serves 10-12 guests – $45
Quarter Sheet Cake – serves 13-24 guests – $65


Candy Bags

A selection of various wrapped candies, balloon and a “Clip ‘n Climb,” carabiner key-ring for $5 + tax per bag.


Organic juice boxes $1 each and Soft Drink $2 each available for purchase (pitchers of water made available on request free of charge)


Need to know VERY IMPORTANT (Please read)


It is extremely helpful if parents of children under 18 years of age fill out and sign the waivers in advance. E-waivers can be signed online here or you can print and hand out the PDF waiver here. If guests are filling our online waivers, we must search their names on the day to confirm which can be time consuming. If possible, please provide in advance a list of guest climber’s names (first and last) prepared so that we can confirm all necessary liability requirements prior to your arrival.

Arrival Time

It is best to let your party guests know to arrive with plenty of time before the training start time.

We recommend guests arrive at least 15 minutes before, but in our experience, it’s valuable saying 30 minutes to allow for “late comers”. Although we will do our best to accommodate late guests by doing extra harnessing & training sessions (within reason), it is not possible for us to extend their climbing time, so it is always in their best interest to show up on time and make the most of their 1-hour climb time.

Additional Guests and Guests not Attending

We understand the that booking in advance doesn’t always match actual rsvp’s. Organizers will have the opportunity up to 24 hours prior to the session time to change the number of participants either by reducing the number or adding to the booked participant total. Please note, that our maximum capacity is 30 participants per session, so if we have the ability to add more, we can however may not be able to if suprised by additional participants on the day. To avoid disappointment, it is best to confirm numbers prior to your visit. Also, children under the age of 10 require active adult supervision in the climbing space by either a parent or birthday party host parent. We recommend at least one adult for three children under 10.

What to wear?

Please advise party guests to wear comfortable active-wear and sneakers. Open-toed shoes, sandals, bare-feet and socked feet are not permitted. All clothing must be tucked in to the harness so that our staff can regularly check their safety. Shoes must be worn when climbing. Socks are required for the Vertical Drop Slide. Climbing-specific shoes, personal harnesses or climbing chalk are not permitted in the climbing zone.

Party Room Access

If you have reserved your party room for the 45 minutes after the climbing session ($35.00) you may not have access to it in advance. Please take this into consideration if you are bringing in any outside food and decorations. It may be possible for you to book the room for the hour before (during the climbing session), but must be arranged in advance and is dependant on availability. The additional time charges would apply.

Super Challenges

To ensure your group has finished climbing and enter the party room on time, please consider pre-purchasing Super Challenge tickets or at least purchasing them early in the session. To harness or suit up 6 + children for the Leap of Faith or Vertical Drop Slide (or both) and have each of them go through the process can easily take 20 – 30 minutes.

We therefore recommend purchasing tickets by thirty minutes into the climbing session and having the children suit up soon after. Don’t forget the birthday boy or girl is entitled to one free try at both of the super challenges! Tickets must be purchased before party goers do these super challenges.

Example Timeline 

  • 2:30pm: guests arrive, check waivers, drop off gifts, use washrooms, remove jackets etc.
  • 3:00pm : Harnessing and training begins
  • 3:15pm : Climbing session begins
  • 3:45pm : Super challenge tickets have been purchased and party host and/or guests should begin using their tickets
  • 4:15pm : party guests de-harness and head to party room.
  • 4:15pm-5pm :Party Room access.