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For their birthday, don’t let your kids and their friends bounce off the walls of your living room! Come to Clip ‘N Climb Vancouver where they can climb our walls instead! A birthday at Clip ‘N Climb is a safe and fun way to try different challenges that everyone will talk about.

Birthday Party

Party Room, Cakes, Candy bags and drinks optional

Kids 5 and under
Participants 6 and over


  • 1 hour access to our 25 walls plus a 15 minute training session.
  • Free access for both our super challenges (Leap of Faith and Vertical Drop Slide) for the party host.
  • Invites. (here)
  • Certificate of achievements. (here)

Party Room options:

  • Cutlery and utensils provided and table set-up for you.
  • Access to a standard party room (fits 12-14 people) for 45 minutes after your climbing session – starting at $35 + tax.
  • Option to merge 2 standard party rooms (fits 24-28 people) for 45 minutes after your climbing session – starting at $70 + tax
  • Options to book an extra 45 minutes for half price ($17.5 + tax for standard party room & $35 + tax for double party room).

Food & Drink options:

  • Cakes: 10-12 serves for $45 or 25-30 serves for $65. Choice of 3 different flavours available for both size (Triple Chocolate, Red Velvet or Funfetti).
  • Drinks: Water included and/or choice of organic juices to choose and pay for on site for an extra $1 + tax / juice.
  • Candy Bags: A selection of various candies (15g) for $5 + tax / bag.

10% discount for groups of 10 or more participants.

Need to know:

  • Waivers – It is extremely helpful if parents of children under 18 years of age fill out and sign the waivers in advance. E-waivers can be signed online here http://app.waiverelectronic.com/render/template/5a4ad5ced3d098013fdd151e or you can print and hand out the PDF waiver here. If guests are filling our online waivers, we must search their names on the day to confirm. If possible, could you have a list of names (first and last) prepared so that we can do this as efficiently as possible prior to the climbing session on the day. Alternatively you can ask us to send you a unique group waiver link just for your party.
  • Arrival time – It is best to let your party guests know to arrive with plenty of time before the training start time. We recommend guests arrive at least 15 minutes before, but in our experience, it’s valuable saying 30 minutes to allow for “late comers”.  Although we will do our best to accommodate late guests by doing extra harnessing & training sessions (within reason), it is not possible for us to extend their climbing time, so it is always in their best interest to show up on time and make the most of their 1-hour climb time.
  • What to wear –  Please advise party guests to wear comfortable active-wear and trainers. All clothing must be tucked in to the harness so that our staff can regularly check their safety. Shoes must be worn when climbing. No climbing in bare feet or socks. If going on the Vertical Drop Slide, participants must have socks on. No climbing-specific shoes, personal harnesses or chalk to be used in climbing zone.
  • Party Room Access –  If you have only reserved your party room for the 45 minutes after the climbing session ($35.00) you may not have access to it in advance. Please take this into consideration if you are bringing outside         food and decorations in. It may be possible for you to book the room for the hour before also (whilst the kids are climbing), but you must call us to make this arrangement and it is dependent on bookings. An extra $17.50 charge applies per single room.
  • Super Challenges – To ensure your group is finished climbing and into the party room on time, please consider pre-purchasing Super Challenge tickets or at least purchasing them early in the session. To harness or suit up 6 + children for the Leap of Faith or Vertical Drop Slide (or both) and have each of them go through the process can easily take 20 – 30 minutes. We therefore recommend purchasing tickets by thirty minutes into the climbing session and having the children suit up soon after. Don’t forget the birthday boy or girl is entitled to one free try at both of the super challenges! Tickets must be purchased before party goers do these super challenges.
  • Example Timeline
    • 2:30pm – guests arrive, check waivers, drop off gifts, use washrooms, remove jackets etc.
    • 3:00pm – harnessing and training begins
    • 3:15pm – Climbing session begins
    • 3:45pm – Super challenge tickets have been purchased and party host and/or guests should begin using their tickets
    • 4:15pm – party guests de-harness and head to party room.
    • 4:15pm – 5pm Party Room access.


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