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Clip ‘N Climb offers a unique climbing experience that helps develop confidence and encourages interaction between teammates. Give your team a fun experience they’ll talk about for weeks!

Clip ‘N Climb Vancouver provides a playful activity for your staff with more than thirty vertical challenges each with their own unique and sensational themes. Thanks to its auto-belay system and its innovative style, Clip ‘N Climb Vancouver offers an unforgettable experience in a safe environment where climbing becomes a game!

This activity is accessible for participants of any physical condition and ability. The goal is to surpass your own limits while respecting your own pace to make the most out of this experience. Multiple physical and mental challenges await you as well as lots of fun: all these ingredients will be combined for the perfect dynamic team building session. Come and reach new heights!

Package #1

Team building (2 hours)

Climbing is an incredible way to surpass oneself, to solve problems, to persevere and to build confidence. Add to that a common goal and you’re real close to what work teams do every day in your company’s projects.

With this team building activity we want to emphasize those aspects of work in a fun way. Without even knowing it, participants will cheer each other up, find solutions to reach their goals, have confidence in their colleague’s directions and show their determination by taking-up personal challenges or by competing.

During the activity, there will be breaks to allow for feedback on all these elements as well as on their importance in the context of problems or of outstanding success, in pursuit of the goal.

The teams will work zone by zone therefore discovering our centre gradually. There will be 3 team challenges: The Light Challenge, Mirror, Mirror, and the Vertical Race. Something for everybody! All participants will have the chance to try the activities. Success will not be measured by the height attained but by the road travelled. You will always have exceptional support from our instructors to give you challenges or to help you face your fear of heights. This is the perfect way to combine fun and team work.

Total duration: 2:15 (15 minutes of initiation) $35/pers. + tax

Package #2

The corporate outing (3 hours)

Same as the activities of the 2 hour challenge but the extra hour allows for a climbing technique workshop that will help increase the efficiency of the climbers.

Example of a 2-hour package
12:00pm: Reception of the group (introduction of the team and of the group leader)
12:10pm: Team formation (team name and rally cry) and assignment of instructors. Fitting of harnesses + initiation
12:10pm – 12:45pm : Light Challenge game PLUMBING
12:45pm – 1:25pm : Zone #1(Mirror, Mirror Challenge)
1:25pm – 1:50pm : Zone #2 (Speed Climb challenge)
1:50pm – 2:00pm : Return of the participants, filling out of the corporate group activity report
P.S. each zone starts with 5-10 minutes of warm ups and identification

Total duration: 3:30 (15 minutes of initiation) $45/pers. + taxes


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